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February 6--Remembering a story about a girl named PuppyAnne

When I began to type in the subject line, last year' subject showed up, and I remembered PuppyAnne. There wasn't really a story about PuppyAnne, it was just a random name that popped into my head. Most of my subject lines are fairly random, unless they are super-specific or cryptic.

I stopped at the lab this morning to get my 3-month tests done before my appointment with my doctor tomorrow. The phlebotomist had a hard time getting my vein to give enough blood to fill the vials. I blame her technique. I was a phlebotomist, and can tell. Anyway, she managed to get enough to do the tests without having to stick me again, which is the important thing.

I got in to work fairly early and got a bunch of stuff done. Because of being sick, I hadn't been in the office for over a week, but I managed to keep up with things fairly well. I read my students' journals.

One of my students illustrated her journal with a picture of Achilles, which I thought was pretty cool. She noted that her Achilles heel is that she can't distinguish the unique sound of a recently replaced heart valve. She was concerned that she might miss some subtle sound that would tell her there was an issue with the valve. I admire her determination to do well, but she probably has to dial it back a bit.

I took a walk around campus to take care of some business, and saw that the art gallery was open. It is an exhibit of work by the art professors. I don't think any of them will be giving up their teaching jobs any time soon.


This was kind of interesting. It was surrounded by a large wooden circular object that was equipped with a motion sensor. When someone stands in front of it and triggers the motion sensor, the circular object rotates and the lights behind the fish start flashing. Art.

I came home and looked at my lab results. My potassium is still borderline low, even with orange juice and green leafy vegetables. My cholesterol is way down--the lowest I can ever remember it being. My Hemoglobin A1C, which is a test for diabetes, is still borderline elevated, which really surprises me. I have lost 20 lbs and completely changed my eating habits since the last one 3 months ago, which is what you are supposed to do to bring it down. I'll see what the doctor says, but I am inclined to give it another 3 months. and see.

After resting I took a walk in the park. It was 70 degrees at 5 pm. Looks like we are going to miss winter again and go right into early spring. It would be nice if we got a few more rainstorms.


Yoda in black and white at the Industrial Light & Magic offices in San Francisco.
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