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February 9--More sassy than classy

I didn't have as much energy as the day before, even though I got more sleep. I felt kind of like I was getting sick again ("Don't get sick again...), so I took it kind of easy at work. I did manage to throw a bunch of questions at about half my students. One of them (the one who worried about murmers) was actually able to answer everything I threw at her. She seemed pleased that I was pleased.


Potassium replacement delivery device.

I came home and took a two-hour nap, and woke up refreshed. I watched the Olympic opening ceremonies for a while. I wish they would just show stuff rather than try to manipulate peoples' emotions. I hate that. Just show me the best curling teams and I'll be happy.


The Point Reyes Lighthouse from a few years ago. This is the area where my coastal photography class will be having the three-day field trip in April. I love this area.
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