zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

February 10--Pill Bezoar

Slept well, and woke up not feeling sick at all--first time in 2 weeks. I dreamed about an old wooden building. I don't remember anything else about the dream other than the building.

I went through all of our financial stuff this morning and put together the things we will need when we see our tax accountant, sometime in the hazy near-future. Maybe next week.

After getting all that in order, I went to the creek trail for a walk. It was cooler than yesterday, but still warmer than usual, and no rain. It was windy and some clouds blew in, but that was about it.

green heron

A green heron observing the view.

After I came home and we rested from our labors, we headed down to Old Town Sacramento so Malida could take pictures. We got some late afternoon shots, then had dinner. After dinner she did some night shots of the old bridge and the capitol building. She had fun, as did I.

driving wheel

Driving wheel on a steam locomotive. Almost black and white.
Tags: #blackandwhitefebruary2018

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