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February 13--Biomedical tea

I'm still going to bed early and sleeping 8 hours a night. I do feel less tired than before, but not that much less tired. I mentioned this to my coworker, and she started, "Well, when you get older...".

I'm not old!

Malida got home from her class this afternoon and wanted to go out taking pictures. This is now her routine whenever she has a day off. So we headed out to the creek trail, because it was too late to go anywhere else. The creek trail has a different feel to it in the late afternoon. There are still quite a few people out walking, but they don't say "hi" like morning people do.

false spring

Someone thinks it is already spring.

As we were walking, Malida talked about how much she liked going out and photographing things. She mentioned that once she gets better at photography, she would like to take guitar lessons. She has decided that she would rather do fun and interesting things than be rich. Which is probably a good choice. She went on, "Since I have an old husband...".

"I'm not old!" I exclaimed.

And I have no idea where she was going with that thought.

We have our first exam tomorrow, and I spent the morning setting up the test. I took it, just to make sure it worked, and got an 85%. A respectable passing score. It's all management content, which I don't teach. I always get an "A" on my own content.

After our walk I came home and bought some new music, which I am listening to now. Good stuff.

sepia-toned grandpa

Grandpa in front of his house in Thailand from a few years ago. I am looking forward to going back to Thailand this summer.

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