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February 21--The triumph of the greater kidney

I finished my lecture this morning, then we played fluid and electrolyte Jeopardy for a while until it was time to go. Everyone always has fun when we play Jeopardy, and it stimulates them to think critically about the topic.

After class I went over to the hospital for a while and wandered around while my students prepped on their patients for tomorrow. I put in some steps doing cycles around the units, then sat outside for a while. It was kind of cold, but the sun was out, and it felt good.

After that I drove over to the hot dog place. It closed at the end of November, without explanation. In January, a sign went up that it would open again under new management in February, with a promise that the food would be the same.

I have been going to this place since the late 1980's. I was working in a lab at the time, and taking prerequisites for nursing school. I heard about it from our lab tech, Pearl. Her husband loved the hot dogs.

This will be the 4th owner of the place since I have been going there. One ominous sign is that, unlike all the previous owners, this one doesn't work there. There is a "manager" overseeing things. Also, the prices went up by about $1-2. On the upside, they now serve 8 different draft beers. I have stopped drinking beer, so it does nothing for me.


I had my usual cheese dog with mustard and onions. It arrived without onions, but with two anemic slices of tomato. It tasted about the same (once repaired), but I kept thinking about how it was more expensive. Sigh. Nothing lasts forever.

While I was eating, the tv was showing an Olympic curling competition. I lingered over my food so I could watch the rest of the match. I love curling.

I went for a walk this afternoon. It started out nice, but then the clouds began coming in. The forecast says rain tomorrow, but I will believe it when I see it. I'm in the hospital all day, so some rain would be nice.


I saw what I think is a White-tailed Kite up in a tree. When I was walking the other day, I wondered why I never saw any hunting birds, and boom!

eta: I dreamed last night that I was Queen Elizabeth, and that I was the star of the royal softball team. It was pretty interesting.
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