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February 22--"Nobody Cares"

I was in a pretty good mood at work today. I walked around with a smile most of the day. My students are doing well, so no real worries. I walked around the outside of the hospital a few times. It was kind of cool--in the low 50s--but I like when it is cool like that. I managed to get in all my steps before I went home.

Just this moment:

Malida: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Writing a LiveJournal entry."

Malida: "Stop doing that."

Me: "Why?"

Malida: "Nobody cares."

Me (to myself): "I care. And so does Queen Elizabeth"

Queen Elizabeth tried to insert herself into my dreams again last night, but mostly failed. I've been watching The Crown before bed. I really like it.

We are going to spend the weekend at Point Reyes. I found a reasonable Airbnb room in town that doesn't require a two-ninth stay. I want to scope things out in anticipation of my coastal photography class coming up next week, and Malida wants to get some shots for her class portfolio. It is supposed to be sunny, but Point Reyes weather is funny. It can be sunny everywhere else, and fogged in there, or just the opposite. You never really know until you are there.

If it is foggy, then I will think of how to use the fog creatively. I know some places that would look very cool in the fog. I am hoping it is sunny, though, as I have some sunrise and sunset ideas that require actual sun.

cypress tunnel

I would like to catch this spot with some early morning or late afternoon light filtering in through the trees.

oyster farm

The old oyster farm that is no longer there. From 2011.

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