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February 23--Two cherries in a glass of buttermilk

So I should start by commenting on Malida's sense of humor, which is kind of weird, but delightful. It's one of the things about her that I cherish. We laugh a lot together. She knows you care, and so do I. I should have gone with my original subject line for the last post, which would have been "Leggo my Eggo".

It was kind of a quiet day in clinical. All my students are operating pretty much independently now, so I just read charts and think up things to ask them. "I notice your patient has an elevated Alkaline Phosphatase level--what do you think that means?"


And then I explain it. The next time I ask about it they will know. I learn a lot looking that stuff up so I know the right answer.

One of my students is from Uzbekistan, and asked the other day if I was familiar with Uzbeki food. I wasn't, and she brought me some that her father made. It was somewhat like Afghani food--kabob-ish, and very delicious.

The hospital is doing away with the shuttle bus to the offsite parking area, and giving everyone Lyft credits instead. I tried it out yesterday. It was pretty easy, and my ride arrived within two minutes of my ordering it. Turns out the driver works at the hospital and was just getting off. Convenient!

We are off to Point Reyes this morning. It is a beautiful sunny day here. We'll find out how it is there when we get there.

valley vision

I went to a meeting once at this place, to see if I could get some grant funding for my doctoral project. I saw this sitting on one of the chairs, and immediately wanted to work there.

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