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March 4--Alternate tune

Today was pretty much meeting free, which is rare for a Monday. I have all sorts of things to accomplish this week, and was able to get some of it done today. Normally I go home around 12 on Mondays, but today I was there until after 4.

We did have a publisher's rep come by today to talk about their textbooks. We have spent the past year talking about a new medical-surgical textbook for fall, and it kind of looks like this will be the one. It is my favorite of all the books we have looked at, primarily because it is easy to read and understand, and has just been updated to the latest content. We will vote on it at our next faculty meeting for adoption in the fall by the first semester incoming class. I won't start using it until that incoming class is the outgoing class two years from now, but I will wait patiently.

There is one colleague from another semester who does not like this book, but she is fighting a losing battle. Sorry.

I wrote a bunch of test questions this morning. I attended a test item writing seminar a few weeks ago, and am taking a slightly different approach to how I frame my questions. I'll see how they fly. My content is 40% of this upcoming exam, so I have to have a variety of questions. "You are caring for a patient who is admitted with fever and dehydration. Blood pressure is low and respirations are rapid and deep...". It was a dark and stormy night.

I'm lecturing the next two weeks, so I spent the afternoon updating my material and posting it for the students.The other day I took an online class to update myself on one of the topics (ventilator management). I didn't learn much new, but I was able to cannibalize one or two of their post-test question for my own purposes.

I stopped at the park on my way home and walked for a while. I was going to go home first and rest, but I figured I would likely just keep resting and never walk so this worked out pretty good. It was really nice out--sunny and in the low 60s. I did two laps, which is about 3 miles, then headed home.

The housekeeper was here today. She comes once every four weeks and does the cleaning we can't (or won't) keep up with. I feel compelled to point out that we do clean during the weeks she is not here. Anyway, today was her day. She always does a good job. The only thing is that she turns on all the small lights in the house--reading lamps, stovetop light, etc, and forgets to turn them off when she leaves.


A sunset picture from when we were in Point Reyes last weekend. This was up on top of a high area that I hoped would look down on Drake's Bay as the sun set over it, but there were too many trees, and I couldn't see the bay. One of the reasons I went to Point Reyes last week was so I could scope out some places for my upcoming class there in April, and this was one of those places. I think if I park at the top and climb down a bit, I will get the view I want next time.
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