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March 9--A dime is a tenth of a dollar

After getting up at 5 am for the past week, I made it a point that I would sleep in this morning, and didn't get up until 6:10. I'm looking forward to a normal Saturday. It seems like our weekends have been taken up with all sorts of other things lately, and I just want to enjoy today. Maybe go have a hamburger after a walk.

It was supposed to rain a bit today, but it's been downgraded to cloudy, with maybe a bit of sun in the late afternoon. The clouds have kept the night from getting too cold, and we had the window open last night. The cats like that. Chocko sits at the window and takes it all in.

One of my students on the oncology unit was trying to describe something to me the other day, and I asked her to research it a bit and talk about it in our post conference. She did, complete with an illustration.

ommaya reservoir

"It's just a quick sketch," she says, somewhat apologetically. Dang!

I have all the blinds open in my office this morning, and I am looking out on the front yard, and the neighborhood beyond. If I can't have a view of a forest or a meadow, then I'll take this view. There's nothing going on out there other than the occasional early-morning jogger.

These window blinds are about 18 years old, and are starting to fall apart. I will probably replace them with shutters, which are on all our other windows, but I will have to re-align my desk a bit. One of a number of summer projects. My desk is actually a five-foot long folding table. Maybe I should get a real desk. Nah.


I was taken by a passage toward the end of the book I just finished that somewhat describes the value of LJ.

It reads:

"What's hardest to catch is daily life. This is what I think rarely gets written down, or even remembered by those who did it--what you did on the days when you did the ordinary things, how it felt doing it, the small variations time and again, until years have passed."

That's what we do here.


fortune teller

The hands of a fortune teller, Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
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