zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

March 15--log off

It was blissful to sleep in until 5:30. The pressure is off for the rest of the week and I can take a few deep breaths. In, out. In, out. In, out. Good.

I had to lecture in the morning on mechanical ventilation. I gave up an hour of my respiratory lectures so my colleague would have time to finish her cardiac lectures, so I was a bit rushed at the end. I think I can cut some fat out for the next time and it should be fine.

One of the reasons the time seemed short was because the students had lots and lots of questions and comments on the content. It's cool when they start relating what the are learning to things they have seen in the clinical environment, and there was a lot of that yesterday. "My patient last week was on a ventilator and he was on PEEP, just like you talked about!" Lol. This class has a palpable positive energy that I am really loving.

We finished the class just before 10, and walked out to pay respects to all the students who have died in school shootings. I was disappointed by all the negative rhetoric aimed at the students who chose to protest yesterday.

After class I went to the hospital to work on locking up preceptorships, which start next week. I met with three preceptors and got their contracts signed, and will meet with a few more today. So far it's going smoothly. It was raining out, so I wandered the halls of the hospital to get some steps in.

The rain stopped in the late afternoon and I was able to walk a few cycles in the park. It was lovely. The sun peeked out and everything was green (and sub-marine).I watched the ducks for a while, and had an insight about duck partnerships that I will have to research a bit before publishing my thoughts.


In the evening I had a nice chicken Caesar salad to celebrate the Ides of March. Then I spoke for a bit with an old friend who I hadn't talked to in a while. Then I logged off for the evening.
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