zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

March 23--Toaster on Mars

The book I'm reading has some element of space travel, and some element of planetary colonization, and as I was taking the shuttle to work this morning, I reflected that if I were a space traveller, I would want to have access to toast. So there's that.

I went to see the tax guy yesterday. Same tax guy I have been seeing for about 26 years. He used to live across the street from me when I was in my first house, before I got married. It was, as expected, not good news. We have to pay a lot this year.


He always seems to have a sort of a smile when he delivers the bad news. He smiles and shakes his head, and says "Hmmmmmm". Once he delivers the news, he shuffles through the papers a bit and shakes his head some more. He will eventually revisit everything and cut the bad news by about 1/3. He's good at finding ways to mitigate this particular disaster.

I mentioned the tax reform thing, and he just laughed. "Maybe next year," he says. Maybe next year. He suggested I resurrect my photography business so I have business losses to deduct. "Sell some of those pictures you're always taking!" He suggested that if I got a business license again, I could probably deduct part of my Thailand trip. I'm thinking about it.

Malida came home from her photography class and wanted to go out and take pictures yesterday evening, so we did. We drove out to the Cosumnes Preserve and walked along the boardwalk trail, looking at birds. It was windy, so I was irritable and didn't shoot much. I hate windy days.


Today is the last day of clinicals, and also the day before spring break starts. Kind of a double green stamps kind of day. We will get off a bit early and I will take the students out to lunch, as is my custom. They took a "last day on the shuttle" selfie with me, but I haven't seen it yet.

Looks like the rain is done for a while. Forecast calls for sunny days all next week. Great weather for adventuring.
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