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March 27--North, or Lead-lined David Bowie

Since I had the day off for spring break, I wanted to go out and adventure. I put my camera stuff in the car and headed north, with a tentative destination in mind. It was a beautiful morning--sunny and clear. I headed roughly north for a while, then turned east.

I drove down some secondary road that skirts an Air Force base (Beale) on one side, and has these really green fields on the other. The green was really spectacular. Some guy I ran across told me in a few weeks it will all be brown. Party pooper.


As I was approaching the turnoff for my intended destination, I decided to go somewhere else. I had this memory of a place I had been to about 13 years ago, and it was calling to me, so that's the direction I headed. I couldn't quite remember how to get there, so I used the navigator.

The navigator done me wrong. It took me down these roads that got smaller and smaller, until I ended up on some gravel road leading nowhere. There were a few houses along the way, and the people standing outside just stared at me, as if no one ever came down that way. I did find a nice spot near a stream to eat lunch though, so all was not lost.

By the time I backtracked, it was too late to go to where I was heading, so I went down to the Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley. In the 30+ years I have lived up this way, I had never been there, though I had intended to more than once. It is one of many old mines scattered throughout the foothills.


Some trees and standing water. There are all sorts of hiking paths throughout the area, leading to old mine stuff. It is a great place to walk, and I met an old guy with a camera who told me he walks up here almost every day.

old mine stuff

The foundations of the Prescott Hill Mine.

mine buildings

Some mine carts and buildings. I walked around until the park closed, then headed home. I got in about 19,000 steps, and took way more pictures than I can post. I'll save them for a slow day.
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