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March 28--South, or Cats are on the upgrade. Upgrade?

I am a few days lade it posting, mostly because I have been out doing a lot of stuff the past couple of days. I decided to make the most of my spring break. Tuesday Malida was off, and she wanted to go to Lodi, which is about 20 minutes south of us. Lodi used to be a nowhere kind of place, but now it is becoming a wine destination, so the little downtown main street has been revitalized with shops, restaurants, and wine tasting places.

We wandered around for a while and had lunch at a place I like. I captured some Ingress portals, and someone else came along behind me and linked them all up. We spent some time looking through antique shops and an old used bookstore. Malida loves old bookstores, and always comes away with at least a few books. She walked out with A Wrinkle in Time.

a monument to wine

We didn't do any wine tasting other than one place that had some sparkling wine that Malida wanted, and we bought two bottles. We are all set for the next two new year's celebrations.

I was going to try and compress three days into one post, but there's just too much. More coming.
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