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March 30--Southwest, or On a hazy day...

Malida was off, and wanted to go somewhere, so we decided to go down to Mount Diablo, which is the highest spot in the Bay Area. then we changed our minds and decided to stay home and do laundry and stuff. Then we changed our minds again and headed out, a bit later than we planned.

diablo from cosumnes

We can see Diablo from where we live. I guess it is about 60 or so miles to the southeast of us, though about 100 miles to drive. This was taken a while back form when we were out at Cosumnes Preserve taking sunset pictures.

I used to go camping up there a lot when I was a kid. Lots of great places to hike. It is alway super-green in the spring, but gets brown pretty quickly, and they close it because of the fire hazard. Kind of like a big potential torch sitting in the middle of a huge urban area.

We got to the summit at about 2 pm and hiked around for a while. It was pretty hazy to the west, but you could still kind of see San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. It was clearer to the east, and I took some panos.

looking east

Looking east. We live somewhere between the left side of the frame and the smaller peak in the middle. You can see a river heading east, which is the Sacramento River. I could barely make out the Sierras in the distance.


Malida on the peak taking some shots. She had fun photographing things, and has filled up her memory card this past week. She is not one to download her pictures every day, like me.

After hiking, we headed down toward the north gate. I like that area, because when it is green, it is really green.


Malida needed to get a "spring" shot for her class, and got it here. Once we were done, we drove down to Suisun City and had dinner in a Greek place. The food was great. We drove home along the Sacramento River, and got to see the sunset.

sunset on the Sacramento River

Another good day.
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