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March 31--Selena Gomez and her crew were all over it

I didn't really go anywhere, mostly. I think I had my fill of driving all over the place this week. Close to home is the plan for the weekend.

I took my car to the carwash to remove the evidence of my travels. As usual, they messed with my seat. I can understand that they might have to move it back or forward to drive it out of the carwash, but why do they have to recline the seat? It puts a cramp in my good driving posture.

After the carwash I went to the nursery to pick up some stuff for the garden. Malida bought a dwarf kumquat tree a few weeks ago and needed a pot to put it in and some soil. I got some marigolds for the border of our vegetable beds. My cousin, who I just learned is a master gardener, suggests that it is too early to plant vegetables. She says wait until at least the 15th of April. She used to have a gardening show on TV. I knew she had been on TV when she was younger, but I always thought she did the weather.

I came home and put the new pot in the front patio. I saw that my grandpa orchid had bloomed. It's the plant that my brother-in-law gave me that he originally got from my grandfather's house. Amazing!


After I dropped the stuff off from the nursery, I drove downtown to meet my friend Harold for lunch. I haven't seen him for a while, so it was good to get caught up. We met years ago in a beginning photography class, back when we were using film. We took a bunch of classes together and spent a lot of time out photographing whatever. We had a great lunch and talked for a couple hours. We were surprised that we have both switched to Olympus mirrorless cameras. We made plans to go out photographing in the near future.


I came home and had a fantastic nap--the first one all week. I was planning to head east to take some sunset pictures, but it was overcast, so I stayed home and cooked some chicken instead.
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