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April 1--East, or Things I can see from here

It was somewhat of a typical Saturday, with nothing special going on. I got up and had some coffee and contemplated things for a while. I fed the cats. I discovered that I had forgotten to recharge the four Ingress portals I had kept alive for 143 days.

After Malida got up, we went outside and worked in the yard for a while. I repotted her kumquat tree in the front patio and she worked on her raised bed in the back yard.


We now have all sorts of plants on our front patio, which gets the morning sun. Strange that it took me close to 20 years to put anything out there, though I had always intended to. I think my LJ is still titled "The Diary of Mr. Tomorrow", for that very reason.

stone owls

I had to move the old concrete owl pedestals that had been sitting in the spot where the kumquat went. They are really old--I have a picture of them in my grandfather's back yard from the 1930s--they were the base of a bench back then, and were already really old. One of them is cracked in half, and the other one looks like it wants to crack in half. Anyway, they seem happy in their new spot.

We had Korea bbq for lunch, then came back and took a nap. I had planned to do some work on next week's test, but didn't. If I do nothing work-related today, I will have gone the entire spring break without doing any work, other than answer a few text messages from students. I'm pretty happy about that.

In the evening we drove east, out to Michigan Bar, to watch the sunset and the moonrise, which were about 30 minutes apart. Michigan Bar used to be an old mining town on the Cosumnes river. Now there is nothing but a couple of farm houses, an old bridge, and a dirt road running through pasture land. I like it out there.

Michigan bar sunset

I have quite a few pictures of this road. I'm not sure what draws me to it time after time.


The moon starting to rise next to an old barn.

Things I can see from here:
1. A red orb
2. A picture of Ho Chi Minh
3. A cat sitting on a chair
4. A tube of Gold Bond foot softening cream
5. A faded red stone heart that I bought during a parade that featured marching zombies
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