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April 10--Avoid llamas

Let's see, I was all set to make this entry early this morning, then got distracted by something and walked around the campus for a half-hour. After that it was time for office hours, and I had two students come in to talk about test scores, and life lessons, etc. Then it was time for lecture, so I never made the entry. I had stuff to say that I have now forgotten about. Let the history books reflect the gap.

I participated in interview panels for our open faculty position yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. I can't say anything substantial about it other than they provided us with good coffee and delicious scones. After the interviews I had some lunch, then went over to the hospital to meet with a preceptor and student. all is well there.

I stopped by a park on the way home and had a bit of a walk. It wasn't a visually interesting park so I didn't take any pictures, but it did have a bunch of level 8 ingress portals, so I farmed as I walked, something I haven't done for months.

I came home and started laying out all my camera gear for my trip. One of our pre-trip homework assignments was to make a checklist of all the stuff we are bringing, which was actually kind of helpful. I was missing one battery and one of my lens caps, and looked all over for them. I finally found them in my backpack, along with the external hard drive I hadn't even started looking for yet.

The sensor on my old camera was kind of dirty. The newer cameras have built-in sensor cleaning functions, but this one is too old for that. In the past I have taken it to the camera shop and they cleaned it for a nominal fee, which has since gone up quite a bit. So I decided to do it myself.

I got some sensor cleaning fluid and the little cloth-covered spatulas that you clean with. I whooshed it off a few times with my air rocket thing, then used the spatula. It worked really well. I only missed one spot, which is ok. Skill points increased.

Now I have everything pretty much ready to go. I have to pack clothes and stuff, but I can do that tomorrow. I also need to contact the Airbnb guy to see how to get into his place. I sent him an email yesterday but haven't heard back. I have his number and will call him and ask why he hasn't contacted me. Grrr.


A picture from my campus walk this morning. It's super grainy, but I like the clouds.

I was looking at someone's powerpoint yesterday and I thought one of the bullet points said "avoid llamas", but it actually said "avoid trauma," whatever that means.
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