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April 29--Flashing light means it's over

Wow--what a week. By Friday I felt as though I had hit the semester wall. Hard. Capped off by an afternoon letter from a student detailing her frustration with her preceptor ("She talks to other nurses about dating!"). I was glad to see the week end.

I called the student and had a long talk with her about the realities of nursing, and the importance of socialization in the work setting. She had felt that nurses should just concentrate on their patients and not talk to each other, unless it was about their patients, or something like that. By the end of our conversation, she expressed that she had a much better sense of what the nursing environment was about.

I turned in my portfolio for my photo class yesterday. I was satisfied with my results, mostly. There were four pictures that I put in immediately, and then went back and forth about the other four. I ended up with about 3-4 selections for each category, and could have made one to two other portfolios from the ones I couldn't decide on. I took them to class with me and showed them to a couple of my fellow students, and they helped me to decide. No one liked one of the ones I really liked, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

We had to submit two tryptichs. One was traditional, the other was abstract. Here are my two choices for traditional:

traditional 1

traditional 2

I went with the doors. The first one is all kind of iconic Point Reyes locations, and someone suggested that everyone would have one or the other of them, but no one would have doors. I looked at one of my friend's triptychs, and he has windows.


My panoramic selection. It is of the Pierce Point Ranch, on our last morning there. It was the only day we had fog, and I had kind of pre-planned that I would come out here if there were any fog. It was about a 25 minute drive from where I was staying, and as I came over the hill, I saw my shot. The bit of sunlight breaking through on the hill behind the ranch was just about perfect. I like this shot.

I'll post some more of the portfolio later. I think only one of the ones I have posted previously made it into the portfolio--the one of the road leading off to the hills and the sun starting to rise. I took out the tire tracks at the suggestion of someone here (thanks for that!).

After class I came home, and Malida wanted to go out and take pictures for her portfolio, so we headed up to Auburn to hike around on the trail I hiked back on New Year's Day, where there are a lot of mountain bicyclists. She needed action shots. It was a beautiful afternoon--kind of cloudy, and not too warm. There were all sorts of wildflowers all over the hillsides, and many butterflies.


Today we are heading over to the other side of the freeway to watch some runners competing in a 10K. More action shots for Malida.
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