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April 30--Sandwich spot

There was one of those 5k-10K-half marathon runs in town yesterday, starting and ending not too far from where we live. I told Malida about it, and she wanted to go photograph it. I thought it started at 9, but it actually started at 7:45, so we barely made it. We parked about a mile away so we could avoid the closed-off streets, and walked down past the half-built mall to the starting and ending point.

There were a lot of people there. They opened one of the parking lots to the mall and it filled up pretty quickly. Good to see so many people out for a community event. Our town is good that way. We have a number of annual events, and they always draw good sized crowds.


A representative sample of the runners. This guy was finishing the half-marathon. Malida suggested that next year we set the goal to run the 5k. I agreed. She asked when we would start training for it. "Soon'" I answered, and she laughed.

There were all sorts of things going on at the finish line. They had pancakes for the runners, and fruit for everyone. I think the pancakes are the reason I am thinking about doing the 5k. They looked good. We scored a couple bottles of hand sanitizer for our camera bags. When we were out hiking the other day, I fell and scraped my hand, and thought about how a bottle of hand sanitizer in my camera bag would be handy.


There was a band playing Led Zeppelin songs. They were pretty good. The singer was appropriately intense. They were from a new music store that opened this past year called "School of Rock". It teaches kids to play in a band, I think.

human interest

A human interest shot of a runner and his daughter at the finish line. I like this kind of photography. It is straightforward and requires very little post-production, unlike landscape stuff. I guess that is why documentary photography will always be my first love.

After the race we went to the farmers market, then down to the Korea BBQ place for lunch. Our server was somewhat scattered, and forgot to bring us stuff a couple of times. They are always short a few servers, and it is no wonder the ones that are there end up being pulled in multiple directions.

We came home and I worked on editing the pictures I took for my sister's dharma group. That whole thing was a disaster. I was in a bad mood going into it, and it just got worse as it went along. The native lighting was spotty and unreliable. I was using my old camera because I needed to use the flash, and the flash attachment was misbehaving. Malida was there, and she was irritated at me for being irritated.

I generally take multiple shots for large groups, because someone always has their eyes closed, or is looking off at something. I was trying to do that and some guy in the front started complaining that I was taking too many shots. You don't really expect to find an asshole in the middle of a meditation group, but there he was. As I was editing the shots, I was tempted to photoshop him out, just because. It's not my best work, but I tried to make them look good because it means a lot to my sister.

"Never again," I mutter to myself, knowing I will always keep saying "yes".

I finished watching The Last Picture Show. I found the film a bit more understandable than the book, and really enjoyed the acting. If I were to write a one-line summary, it would be, "Sonny and Jacy screw everyone except each other in a small Texas town".

This looks like it's going to be a busy week, but I am taking my time easing into it. I will start in earnest at 8, but until then, I will drift. I'm the only one in the office right now, and I have the tunes cranked up.
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