zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

May 1--I am weary of chickens

Whenever May 1 rolls around, I think back to a night in Germany many years ago. We were driving around along some back roads in the middle of the night, and had stopped at some small gasthaus and drank shots of Jaegermeister. It was after midnight. We got stopped by the Polizei, who were looking for some hooligans who had cut down the maypole in one of the little villages.None of us spoke any real German, but we were able to convince them that we were not the hooligans they sought.

This May Day marks my last lecture of the semester. It is on kidney transplants. It's kind of boring, but has to be done. After that it is a couple of tutoring sessions, a potluck, a couple of exams, and boom! We're done. Yay!

Yesterday was the challenging day I expected it to be, work-wise, but that's better than an unexpectedly challenging day. I am hoping to skip out after lecture today and have a relaxing afternoon. One that doesn't involve taking pictures. I am weary of editing pictures.

I had a big artichoke for dinner last night. It was substantial, and delicious. The past few times I made an artichoke, I steamed it in my Instant Pot, but this time I steamed it in my old Revere Ware pot on the stove. It just works out better that way. In the meantime, Malida steamed some yams and beets in the Instant Pot, so it all worked out.

I took the first big step toward preparing to do the 5K next year, and thought about getting some new shoes. I didn't actually get the shoes, and I didn't really think too hard about it either, but I did think about it, and that's a step in the right direction. I got my current shoes just after I busted my toe and had all the problems with plantar fasciitis, so they are kind of wide, and don't fit as well as I would like, now that my foot is behaving. So I'll think about it some more.

coast guard live saving station

One of the last minute additions to my portfolio. I also had this printed up, and it turned out great.
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