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May 3--See Table 4.2C

I spent pretty much the entire day working on my section of our accreditation report, after spending the first 45 minutes dealing with two other unexpected issues. It was a Thursday--everyone's supposed to be at clinical! Go away! Go away!

Anyway, I got a big chunk of it done, and will do another big chunk of it tomorrow. I will likely go in Saturday and do another big chunk. Then we have to put all the big chunks together into some sort of coherent narrative, complete with tables. I don't think I have ever seen my boss quite as stressed as she was today.

Someone asked yesterday if there was a Pokey to go along with Gumby, and there is!


Pokey sits on my desk at work. He's a bit stressed lately as well. He keeps muttering something about being up to his eyeballs in alligators. Not sure what that means.

As I was leaving this morning, I admired the irises that are blooming in the front yard. They are really spectacular!


It's a riot of irises--someone call the natural guard!

Finally, benicek asked if I had a large copy of the cypress tunnel that appeared in the triptych I didn't use. I do!

cypress tunnel

That's about it for now. I'm beat. I'm gonna go read my book.
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