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May 12--I burned my fingers on a porcupine

At one point in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, one of the minor characters participates in a flag parade in one of the Italian villages. It reminded me of a day we spent in Siena and saw a parade of young guys with porcupine flags. It was kind of a normal day in Siena, but all sorts of things were going on. We were only there for the day, and I would love to go back and spend some more time. If I do, I will buy a porcupine flag.


A picture I found on the internet, sans photo credit.

I have pictures somewhere, but can't find them right now. Also from that day is a picture of a door with the house number in these really cool Roman numerals. The house number is XXIX. I thought it would make a good tattoo. I can picture it on my left anterior forearm, just above the wrist, about the size of a quarter. I can picture Hello Kitty, the same size on my other arm.

Maybe one of my summer projects will be to figure out where all my pictures are. I have about eight or nine hard drives that hold most of them, but I suspect a bunch got lost when my computer got wiped three years ago. It would be nice to catalog everything so I could find it when I wanted to post something.


Interestingly, I opened the one hard drive that is currently attached as my backup drive, and saw that my Mono Lake pictures were there. I was wondering where they were the other day. Our next landscape photo class, in the fall, will be in Mono Lake. Since I am released from clinicals in the fall, I will probably be able to go.

So yesterday was the relaxing day we had hoped for. We went out for a walk along the cree, then went to the noodle place for lunch. We came back and had a nice nap, then goofed off for a while. Malida called her friends and family in Thailand, and I made plane reservations to fly from one place to the other when we are there. Flights are cheap--about 500 baht to get from Bangkok to Ubon ($15). But that doesn't include taxes and fees ($50-60), any luggage that weighs more than 15 kg ($50 each), and so on. Plus it is an extra $300 Baht if you want to select a seat. Anyway, flights are booked.

I need to finish up so I can go to the farmers market. After that I think we are going for Indian food. Tomorrow is final exam! Whee!

great blue

I saw a great blue heron in the creek yesterday.
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