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May 15--I don't look like charcoal

Today is the second to the last day of the semester, but it's all downhill from here. We had our final exam yesterday, and it went well. Everyone passed, so everybody graduates (see what I did there?). Today we will have our nursing graduation, or pinning, and tomorrow evening will be commencement. Boom.

I finished up the final, did the grading and all that, then came home. I stopped at the hardware store on the way and picked up some stuff for our garden. We did some yard work on Sunday, and I needed to change out some of the sprinklers and stuff.

I took a nice nap when I got home, and had an interesting dream about something. It was a mild day in the low 70s in the afternoon, so perfect for working in the yard. I changed out the sprinklers in our planting beds from the kind that spray from above to the kind that spray (more like bubble) near the ground. Seems more efficient. I also planted a couple of tomatoes in some containers near our window, at Malida's request. I was motivated at that point, so I changed out the sprinklers in the front patio as well.

I deep watered our trees out front. There are two Japanese maples and a crepe myrtle. All three sit out in front of my office window, and I am counting on them to grow healthy and give me some shade. They're getting there. I ignored the orchids, as instructed by the guy who sold them to me.

On Sunday we planted some vegetables. I put beans, zucchini, english cucumbers, and onions in my bed. I bought some seeds for beets, but I think I'll wait until the end of summer for them. Malida added some herbs to her already growing bed. It looks good. I didn't take a picture.

farmer's market pano

A pano of the farmers market. My friend Allie, the musician, is on the left. Someone did a similar shot and gave him a print, which he showed to me. "I have to try that," I said, and so I did. You can see that the farmers market sits underneath an elevated freeway (highway 50/80), and Allie stands at the eastern end of it. Highway 50 runs from about two miles west of here all the way to Ocean City, MD.

As I was walking near the art building yesterday, I noticed a bunch of end-of-semester ceramics rejects in the trash can out back. I also noticed, on the ground next to the trash can a pile of round disk-like things that had been discarded. They were small dishes, dark with some gold highlights. I decided to save one of them from oblivion and took it back and put it on my desk. There's nothing at all wrong with it, and I wonder why the person who made it decided to throw it away. The gold flecks are somewhat unevenly distributed to one side, but so what?


It would be perfect to keep paper clips in, if someone hadn't already given me something to keep them in, so I'll have to think of something else. Maybe binder clips, which I use a lot. Or M & Ms.

I was reading the Facebook of one of the nieces in Thailand yesterday--the older sister of Nim. She recorded a video of herself speaking English--"Hello, my name is Nien. I like everything that is blue. And I don't like spicy food." It was pretty good, and I look forward to practicing with her when we are there. She's about 13 years old, and, like every other Thai girl of similar age, posts a lot of selfies. They are always captioned in Thai, but Facebook has a handy, though unreliable, translate function. I clicked on one caption yesterday and it translated into, "I don't look like charcoal". Yes, no.
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