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May 21--Still life with milk bottle

I was planning to post early today, as I often do. I got up at about 5:30 and headed in to work to start working on the summer course I am coordinating. I figured I'd have a cup of coffee and write an entry to warm up, but something peripheral that was supposed to be simple turned a bit complex, and it took me until close to 8 to finish dealing with it. By then I wasn't in a writing mood, so I jumped into what I needed to do.

My goal for the day was to knock out at least part of the schedule for this summer-fall session we are running. It is the same content as my normal course, but on a different schedule, and with a lot more online content (that still needs to be developed). I had pages and pages of notes and the calendar for the regular course, and started from there.

I broke out the current course schedule by content and hours for each of the five modules in an Excel spreadsheet, then figured out what content absolutely needed to be done in the classroom. After that I created another spreadsheet and started with the availability of the various people who will be teaching the content, and plugged their content into the dates they were available. And so on.

Then I had to balance out the content between the five modules so that there is roughly the same amount (around 16-18 hours) in each module. Once I did that, I factored in the five unit exams and the final. I had some blank spots, so I moved some stuff around and made time for tutoring before the exams.

The guy who is teaching a good chunk of the content came by and took a look, and we worked out how he and I will split up the stuff that still needs to be developed. He is one of our graduates, who is now a nurse practitioner. I used to work with his mom.

I actually got it pretty much all done, and pencilled it all into a regular calendar, though I actually like the spreadsheet better--much easier to understand. I sent it off to all the instructors to see if I missed anything. I spent about 8 hours on that thing, but it was kind of the biggest thing I needed to do this week.

I talked to someone today who misunderstood my name as "Ike", and kept calling me that. I kind of liked it, and didn't correct them. I'm totally going to use "Ike" again when the opportunity arises.

I stopped at the big shoe place on the way home and bought some new running shoes. I noticed that the soles had some dirt on them, and asked the guy if they had a clean pair. He said they were clean, but the store's floors were dirty. I gave him the side eye, and asked for a 10% off bullshitting discount, and got it. so now I have running shoes. That's one step closer to actually running that 5K.

Malida is off tomorrow, so we will go hiking. She swears she will be up by 6:45 so we can leave by 7:15. I am skeptical.

milk bottle

I enrolled in the fall landscape photography class last night. It will be on the east side of the Sierras, at Mono Lake. Just north of there is the Bodie Ghost Town, where this picture was taken during my 56th year on the planet, whenever that was. I start a new file every year with my age, and dump all the pictures I post in it. This year it's #61. Anyway, I enrolled, and made reservations for a cabin in the little town of Lee Vining. I'm looking forward to it.
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