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June 8--There and back again

I had to take my car in for regular servicing yesterday. I have gotten the servicing schedule to pretty much match my school breaks, so I don't have to take time off to do it. It wasn't much servicing--just an oil change and a tire rotation. I took it in at about 8 am, and decided to walk home. It's about 4 miles from the service place to our house. It would be shorter, but we live on the other side of the freeway. Anyway, it is a pleasant walk, with lots of Ingress portals along the way.


I stopped at the halfway point at the local coffee house. I like it because it isn't Starbucks or Dutch Bros., and the coffee is good. I had a double espresso, which was served with a big glass of ice water, which was refreshing after walking. I sat at a big wooden table and read my newsfeed.

As I was reading, someone came up behind me and said, "What are you reading?"

It was one of my now former students. He was there with a couple other former students. They were there to study for their licensure exam, which they will be taking in a few weeks. I like running in to former students. They alway seem kind of surprised to see me acting like a normal person.


Jessica, Jillian and Steve. Good luck with that test. You are well-prepared.

I walked the rest of the way home, stopping in the park to capture some portals. As I was walking through the park, the service people called to tell me my car was ready. I finished walking home and waited for Malida, so we could go to lunch and pick up my car.

My package arrived at the local FedEx place and I retrieved it. It is my second camera body. I bought it earlier in the week when the price went down. So now I'm done buying camera stuff for a while. I spent the afternoon getting it set up and fooling with the settings. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but will over the weekend.

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