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June 13--We ain't seen nothing yet

We are in a stretch of warm summer weather, with temps in the high 90s, heading toward 100. I don't mind it too much--it's part of living here. The plants are loving it, and garden is thriving. I went out yesterday evening to check things out and noticed that the watering system hadn't come on, like it is supposed to. I went into the garage to check the controller thing, and it had a "power off" error message. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, and nothing.

I read the manual, which I found online. It suggested the possibility of a blown fuse in the controller thing. So this morning, I took that as excuse enough to not go in to work and finish this thing I need to finish. I can go in and finish it tomorrow. Today just wasn't happening.

So I stayed home and did house chores. I went out and fooled with the controller thing. I took off the bottom part and saw a board with a fuse right there in the middle. On the back of the panel I removed, was another fuse, labeled "spare fuse". I popped the old one out, put the new one in, and boom! It now works. I can't think of how that could have been any easier or more convenient.

I mostly just had the music on today and kicked back.

I don't think I mentioned that I was waiting for another package the other day, with the extra battery for my camera. It was supposed to be delivered Monday, but then it got changed to Tuesday. I got a message Tuesday afternoon that it had been delivered. I was home, and it hadn't. I sent a message to FedEx, which somehow got routed to their German offices. I got a reply the next day suggesting I sent it to the US office. So I did, and someone called later. They would look into it.

This morning when I went outside, the package was there. Whoever delivered it didn't knock or anything. I think it was probably a neighbor with a very similar street number. I get packages for them a lot. Anyway, I have it now, and don't need to deal with FedEx anymore.


I saw these guys on one of our walks last week. They look like little orchids. Maybe they are. There are all sorts of interesting things out there.
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