zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

August 6--From the archives: Mt. Tamalpais, 2010

Mt. Tam

I'm going through my photo archives and sorting them, backing them up, and cataloging them so I know what is where. I came across this one in a file within a file within a file, labeled, "print". It was taken on my birthday in 2010, as we were driving over Mt. Tamalpais along the shoreline highway towards Stinson Beach.

We had stayed overnight in San Francisco, and gotten up early to drive out to our favorite Chinese bakery on 20th and Noriega, then out to Ocean beach to eat the pork buns we bought at the bakery. They're the best. After we ate and had coffee, we wandered around the Cliff House for a while, then headed across the Golden Gate Bridge and over to Mt. Tam.

As we were driving, we saw some sort of coyote, and stopped to take a look. The coyote took off, but Malida, who was facing the opposite side of the road from me, took a picture with her iPhone and showed it to me. It was this scene. I got out my camera and tripod, and shot this with a 25 second exposure at f22.

So she gets the credit for finding the shot. She has a good eye that way.

To this day, it remains one of my favorite photographs. It evokes a feeling of Middle Earth for me.
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