zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

August 25--The Guided Pathway to Oblivion

First things first:

armed forces

Armed Forces, by Elvis Costello & The Attractions. There were clues! One person figured it out. One of my favorite album covers, recreated on my desk.

Everybody came back to work yesterday and the cubicle farm was buzzing with activity. Lots of welcome back hugs, plenty of good coffee (I make the coffee), lots of meetings.

We assembled in the Performing Arts Center to hear speeches. My favorite was from the president of the Student Senate, a young woman named Kim, who was wearing fluorescent yellow pants. She just radiated positive energy that was infectious. I saw her later on in the quad and spoke with her for a few minutes. She was one of two young people I met yesterday who were on their way. Hopefully the inevitable roadblocks they will come across won't deter them from their dreams.


Our Chancellor spoke last. I like him. He's pretty straightforward. Our faculty leadership is in a big tiff with him over the direction of online colleges. His speech was conciliatory, but the leadership people were having none of it, and sat stone faced and didn't applaud. You could tell that he was hurt by it. Faculty leadership is its own little clique, like the mean girls in high school.

After that we had our nursing department meeting and laid out the work we need to do this semester. It's going to be busy, but everyone is upbeat and positive. We had one more meeting with the division, and then I got to escape.

I came home and fooled around in the garden for a bit. It was too late to take a nap, but I did go to bed at about 9. I am well-rested.

I have the first session of my landscape photography class this morning. We will be going to Mono Lake in a few weeks for another 3-day photo intensive. I'm looking forward to it.

mono Lake

From five years ago when I was last up that way.
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