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September 5--written anonymously, from inside the house with flamingos out front

Work is starting to get crazy, and I can already feel that this ride has taken off, and won't end until winter break. I have so much stuff going on at the moment. Not to mention all the sideshow drama that is always around. I think back fondly to the days when I was an extremely well-paid adjunct, and only worked about 15 hours a week. That was back when I first started getting really interested in photography, and had so much free time to indulge my newfound passion.

I've started this second paragraph three times already, and the first two times just weren't cutting it. I don't think this one is either, but I have found the only way to get anything written is just to start writing and see what comes out. I'm reluctant to share too many details about what goes on at work, other than in a general sense, and the first two times were a little too specific about stuff. Really interesting stuff! lol.

One interesting and benign thing is that there is no longer parking for my students and me at the hospital, or at their offsite lot. In the past, we parked offsite and they had a shuttle bus, but they stopped doing that. Their interesting solution is to give us all Lyft credits, and allow us to take Lyft from the school to the hospital. We tried it out today, and it worked great. We got picked up just across from the temporaries within about 5 minutes of summoning the ride, and boom! We were at the hospital before we knew it. Pretty cool.

A bunch of former students were on campus today for one of their BSN classes. They all came in and said hi and gave me big hugs. One of them said she thought I needed to grow my beard back, and another said he thought I looked much younger, and don't listen to the first student. It was good to see them.

I got home at about 2, and took a nice one-hour nap, free of any distractions. After I got up I went out in the yard and evaluated the state of the garden. I picked some cucumbers, and thinned out the beets that are sprouting. I thought about thinning out the chard sprouts, but they're just leaves anyway, so what's the point? I will need to go out there this weekend and clear out all the summer plants that are about done. As I was thinking about that was when I realized I was on the roller coaster, and that even the weekends would be part of that. Only 106 days to go.


I grilled up some ribs and corn for our Labor day dinner, and busted out the pickled beans and peppers I made a few weeks ago. They turned out great, and got a big thumbs up from Malida. I have big plans for next year!

I spent the balance of the afternoon reading stories about what is going on with our government, and wondering where it is all going to lead. Nowhere good, I suspect.
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