zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

September 23--"...and that dog hit the wall."

It's back to the regular Sunday routine around here. Feels good to relax a bit. I even slept in until 6:30, after having a dream that featured my great aunt and her house on the hill. In the dream, she looked a lot like my mom, and I remember telling her that. My great aunt was a crazy cat lady, but there were no cats in the dream. There was some sort of buffet, though.

I had photography class yesterday, and worked on the photographs I took on last week's trip. I'm at the "don't like any of them" phase, which will pass, and then I'll get down to editing the ones I do end up liking. For now I'm letting them be. I have a week before I have to turn them in.

I'm sitting out in the back yard, and got up to take a picture of a hibiscus flower. I was standing next to the hummingbird feeder, and a hummingbird came up and hovered about 8 inches from my face and looked at me for a few seconds, before flying off and chattering something about "get away from my feeder." Ok. He intimidated me.

allie red

Last night I went out and photographed my friend Allie and his country band at the Eagles club. Or Aerie, I guess. It was mostly a bunch of old folks listening and dancing, and having a good time. Between sets they played bingo. The music was good, and it was fun to watch the old folks dance.


After the farmers market this morning, we went out and walked along the creek trail. The weather was about perfect--mid 70s, though it is getting warmer this week. We don't believe in fall around here I guess.
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