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September 24--She drove a Plymouth Satellite, faster than the speed of light

I'm sitting out in the yard at twilight. There is a smell of smoke in the air, like there is a grass fire somewhere close. We are not yet out of the fire season, and really don't need any more big fires. The temps are still in the 90s, though it is cooling down in the evenings, and it is a lovely 75 degrees right now.


This is that guy who was harassing me yesterday for hanging out near his feeder. He looks kind of mean, and is giving me the side-eye.

I had an almost perfect day at work today. I went in early, and there was no one else there. I looked at my to-do lists and knocked out a bunch of stuff before having some breakfast. A few people wandered in, but they were quiet people, so I got more done. One of the big things on the list has to be put off for a few days because the other person responsible isn't there for a few days. I finished things up at about 10:45, and decided to try and fix the clock that stopped working in my classroom.


It had stopped working, and didn't start up again after I replaced the battery. It has all sorts of little buttons on the back. I finally pushed the "reset"button and it came to life. The hands raced around the dial, and stoped at high noon. I tried it again, and they did the same thing. I finally googled it, and the clock has some sort of radio controller (radio controlled!) that sets it to THE ATOMIC CLOCK that sits under a mountain somewhere in Wyoming or something.

The thing is, it can only receive the signal at night, for whatever reason, so it stops at noon and waits patiently. And it has to be near a west-facing window. My classroom has no west-facing windows, or east or north or south. So I finally figured out how to set it manually, and now it is working. Having accomplished everything on my list, I went home and made a nice lunch and enjoyed the afternoon.

Tomorrow is a long day--I have to be there early, and have to teach in the evening until 9 pm again. I will try to come home and take a nap. The evening class is pretty laid-back, and it is the second half of the kidney lecture, so shouldn't be too bad.

flower stand

The flower stall at the farmers market. This is just across from where my friend Allie plays his stand-up bass, and it is a great spot for just sitting and watching people go by.
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