zyzyly (zyzyly) wrote,

October 10--Everyone's made of wood.

I'm sitting out in the little patio area at the hospital, waiting for my students to decide which patients they will take care of tomorrow. The adjunct who supervises them on Thursdays and Fridays can't be here on Wednesdays, so I come on over and hang out for a while. I was in class until almost 9 pm last night, so I didn't go in to the campus--just came here at 10 after a relaxing morning at home.

I was going to sit outside at home earlier, but it was overcast and in the mid 50s, so I sat inside and got caught up on my email. I switched email accounts about 10 years ago because my old one was getting too much junk. I took a look the other day and it now has in excess of 10,000 emails in the inbox.

I had a dream the other night where there was some sort of texture laid over everything. I think it was corn based. Nobody was made of wood, but everything had a sort of yellowish glow. In the dream, I had a nice conversation with the wife of my sister's 4th grade teacher.

abstract 3

Here is the third in the series of rocks in water that I used for my triptych. I took this one up at May Lake on my way home from the photo trip. By then I had a clear idea of what I was going to do with the triptych, which was supposed to be "abstract". I think this qualifies as abstract. The triptych is below.


Although I like the photos individually, I also like the idea of a triptych. There is a certain challenge to taking (or selecting) three images that will go together in some sort of a theme, and trying to balance them out in such a way that they make a pleasing whole. I am thinking about printing these up and hanging them in my office at home. Maybe not printed as a triptych, but as three separate images, hung next to each other.

I only have one student who hasn't yet finished up. Once she is done, I am going to the Greek place and get a gyro. I can already taste it!

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