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October 28--A simple twist of fate

It's been a relaxing Sunday, by intention. I needed one day where I could just do whatever, and relax, and that's what I did. I edited a few pictures, read, listened to music, took a walk, and had some good stuff to eat, not necessarily in that order.

I went in to work for a while yesterday and got caught up on all the non-accreditation stuff that was on my desk. I edited the final exam for my evening class, which I will give on Tuesday. I did a bunch of preceptorship stuff, which is usually what I am normally thinking about the most this time in the semester. And I answered a bunch of emails. So, good.

I'll go in early tomorrow and finish writing my part of the accreditation report. We get to submit one section early for "feedback", and my piece is due on the first of November. I'm pretty stressed about it, but taking a day off and relax was the right thing to do. It took me years to learn that lesson.

house on Carson Pass

One of the pictures I edited this morning, from our trip last week. A cabin along the Carson River, near the pass. We were still talking this morning about what a beautiful day that was, and making plans to go up there again next year. Maybe a week earlier.

I'm listening to excerpts from the new Bob Dylan release of the outakes from the Blood on the Tracks sessions. The original album is a masterpiece, and sits near the top of my favorite album list. The tracks I have listened to just reinforce that. They are somewhat more raw than the finished tracks on the album, but still pack the emotional punch that made the album what it was.

virginia creek

Along Virginia Creek on a fall morning.

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