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November 13--Scored on a curve

I ended up taking that walk yesterday afternoon, after I had some yummy bbq brisket for lunch. I drove down to the Cosumnes River Preserve and took the walk that curves around near the river. It is one of my favorite places to go when I need a bit of solitude and renewal, which I did need.

Cosumnes Rvier path

You can see the line of smoke just above the horizon. This was looking east, and most of the smoke is to the north and west. I didn't have any breathing issues, but I could tell the smoke was still there.

The weather was fall-like, with temperatures in the mid 60s. I wore a sweatshirt and it was just about right. There were a number of people out hiking or looking at birds, but it felt like I had the place all to myself.

fall colors

Some leaves turning color. It was pretty--not spectacular landscape pretty, but small things that catch your eye pretty.

I didn't think about much while I was hiking around, other than which direction to go. It was nice to clear my head. I put in about 6 miles altogether.

squirrel in a tree

I think I surprised this guy. He was busy doing something in the tree, and eventually turned toward me and had a sort of "oh shit!" look. I said "hey", and took his picture. We stared at each other for a minute or so, and then I walked away as he watched me.

Three days off is just about enough time to start getting comfortable with being off, and when it was time for bed last night, I wasn't ready to go to sleep. I wanted to stay up late and sleep in, but I had lecture this morning, so not an option.

And so it goes.

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