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November 17--The beard apron

I saw something on social media the other day about the Beard Apron. You tie one end around your neck, and the other end has a couple of suction cups that stick to the bathroom mirror. You use it when you trim your beard to catch the trimmings. The Beard Apron. My birthday's in three weeks--just sayin'.

School has been closed since Thursday due to the poor air quality from the fires north of us. The air quality index has been up in the 300's for a good part of the time, which is considered not just unhealthy, but hazardous. It's been unhealthy all week, but they didn't cancel classes until faculty started stinking about it via email.

smoke in the air

From yesterday morning at the hospital. Even thought the school was closed, my students were still doing their preceptorships, and I had to go visit them. I spent as little time outside as possible, but could still feel the effects of the smoke.

work from home

I don't have any lectures or anything until next week, so not going to work is no big deal. I went over Thursday morning and grabbed a bunch of stuff too work at home. I have ended up pretty much doing the same things I would normally be doing, but just not in my little cubicle. And I can wear my t-shirt and sweat pants.

While I was walking in the hospital yesterday, I passed someone in the hall and had a thought about something I could say that would be totally wrong--my internal dialogue. I never say that stuff, but I sometimes worry about what happens when I get old and start saying all sorts of crazy stuff.

I finished the book I was reading--Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. It was a good story, but seemed like it went on forever, and it is only the first book in a trilogy. Not sure I am up for the other two volumes. I need a change of scenery.

I guess that's it for now. Oh wait, no!


Someone put up a bunch of garden flamingos around the art department. I'm not sure what they are for, or what they represent artistically, but I like it. I briefly lamented that even if we had flamingos to put out near our little trailer village, there is no grass or dirt to put them in. I'm adding that to the list.

And so it goes.
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