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December 16--Did you know that Lassie and Pugsley were cousins? It's true!

I managed to hold off getting sick until about noon on Friday, right after I finished my case studies with the students. I almost immediately lost my voice and started coughing up stuff. I was ok with that, and kind of impressed that I could hold it at bay until I finished up all the stuff I had to do last week. I stayed in yesterday and slept a good part of the day, drinking plenty of fluids. I have a sinusitis, and could hear my sinuses creaking as I tried to sleep last night.

I had some interesting dreams about something or another. Whatever I was doing in the dream seemed important, and involved at least a couple cases of Mason jars. I think it was government work. I'd still be dreaming now probably, except that the cats came in to let me know that their food bowl was almost empty!


Vitamin C.

I am having some shutter blinds put in (in) my home office window, as well as one other that doesn't already have them. I had to clean out my office and move everything over to the side away from the window. For the moment, my desk and computer are facing the opposite wall. I actually kind of like it like this--change of pace. The guy will be here Friday to put them in. I've used this guy before, and he is the best.

While clearing things out, I came across a three-page handwritten list that I must have made a while back, though I have no memory of making it. It is titled, Inventory of Skills and Attributes". It's an interesting list. Here are a few things I listed:

--Able to grow food
--Able to find the courage to change and grow
--Can barely play guitar
--Able to care for the sick and dying
--Able to figure out how things work
--Familiarity with failure, and able to learn from it
--Can bake pie

And so on. I think I must have made this list not too long after Arlina died. It looks like some sort of exercise, maybe for my therapist at the time. I can somewhat date it by the ink color. I used that color for writing in my paper journals back around that time. Sarasa navy blue.

skills inventory

It's kind of fascinating to see how I was thinking about myself back then. Not sure there is anything much I could add to it today, though I could probably drop a few off the list (preaching skills). I guess I could probably add that I have a better ability to live in the moment. If I got anything out of those times, it was that. To just enjoy where I'm at. This is it--this is all we get.

And so it goes.
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