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December 24-- I don't have a husband and he don't play trombone

That subject line auto-filled, from last year I guess. It was better than what I had, so I'm going with it. Again.

It's been 8 days since I made an entry. A good part of that time was spent being sick, and trying to get through the end of the semester. I'm now feeling about 85% better, and am into the third day of my winter break.


Graduation for our students was a lovely affair. We graduated 33 students this time around, from both the regular program and the part-time program I was teaching in. After the ceremony, my two 4th semester colleagues and I sat around talking for a bit about how wonderful it is to be able to teach.

I spent the balance of the week getting all my end-of-semester paperwork filed, submitting grades, and looking at the stuff I still need to do for the accreditation report. I have to work on that over the break, but I have set it all aside until after Christmas.

I've been doing a lot of cooking the past few days. We will be out of town for Christmas, so no big holiday dinner to plan or cook. Just stuff like soup and things for Malida's work pot luck


I made my famous spinach and cheese breadstick tree for Malida's work. By request! The seem to love this thing, and there are never any leftovers. It's pretty easy to make too.

french onion

I made a pot of french onion and mushroom soup, also by request. Malida doesn't usually like my soups, but she wanted this, so I cooked it up in my dutch oven. It turned out pretty good, though I had to substitute Swiss cheese for the gruyere I didn't have.


I've been out walking every day since I started feeling better. It's been kind of cold and overcast, and rained one day, but it's good to be out breathing fresh air and communing with the squirrels. We are going to walk in the downtown area this afternoon, to go see the big Christmas tree at the State Capitol. We'll have some lunch up that way as well.

We are heading up to Yosemite the first thing tomorrow morning, and will spend a few days up there. I was concerned that they might close because of the government shutdown, but apparently everything we will need remains open. The only thing I will miss out on is buying my lifetime parks pass, as the gates will be unmanned, but I can always do that next time I am up there.

Have a happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!
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