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January 8--A short list of quotes about carnival rides

You guys make it way too easy for me.

art court monster

That guy who fell right over yesterday is what I like to call the "Art Court Monster". He lives in the Art Court on campus, which is a small courtyard that sits between the art buildings and the Performing Arts Center. It is fairly close to our temporary buildings, and has become one of my favorite spots since we moved over to this side of the campus.

The Art Court Monster is some student art project that got left behind, as so many do. He is made of chicken wire and plaster, He has a base, and probably used to be able to stand up on his own, but time has left him dependent on something to lean on. Very much like real life.

He is kind of falling apart, and gets blown over easily, but like The Boxer, he always gets up again, and the fighter still remains.

fish ladder

The thing that was in the background is something I photographed and wrote about once before. It looks to be a fountain that, when active, would have fish struggling upstream against the flow, perhaps to return home one last time. A fish ladder fountain. It has never been on in the time I have been here.

It was created in the memory of Leslie C. Read, who was a philosophy professor at the college for many years. It is dedicated to the teachers of the college. There is a quote, perhaps from Leslie C. Read, that reads, "To Teach is to Learn". She is absolutely correct.

I have a few years left before I retire, and I am going to make it my goal to see that fountain turned on again.
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