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February 4--The bouffant is coming back, in a big way

This wasn't a bad day, as far as Mondays go. I almost always get off by noon on Mondays, and I was done before 12:30 today. I started at 5:45, so it's not like I'm slacking.

I woke up when Malida was getting ready for work at 4, and felt well-rested and ready to get up and have some coffee, which I did. I did some reading before getting ready for work. It was raining gently. I could have easily stayed home drinking coffee and reading, but I had stuff to do.

The first thing I did when I got to work, after turning on some music and making more coffee, was to make a list of the stuff I wanted to do today. Once I finished the list, I jumped in and started checking things off. The first thing on the list that I checked off was, "Make a list of things to do today". It's good to be able to have some success right at the start.

The rest of the stuff took me right up to our team meeting at 9:30, and then a subsequent meeting at 10:30 about the stuff we need to do to get ready for our accreditation visit in mid-March. I was able to check everything off before the first meeting. Mission accomplished. I have my first lecture of the semester tomorrow, and am ready.

I am applying for a sabbatical for next spring. We can apply to take a semester off to do something meaningful, and I am proposing to write a new curriculum for the nursing program, which would result in the students graduating with a bachelors degree. I spent some time talking about it with my boss and our department chair, and they are supportive. It's something I am really interested in, and it would be great to be given the time off to do it. I like big projects.

Inexplicably, I am also thinking about taking another shot at a doctoral program. Part of me feels like it is unfinished business, and another part of me thinks it's just plain crazy. I talked about it with the department chair, and have half-convinced her to do it with me. I haven't said anything to Malida yet. To be determined.

The weather was crazy today. It was raining when I went into work, and when I peeked out a few hours later, the sun was out. Shortly thereafter it was hailing, and then it was sunny again, followed by cold and rainy. The snow level is supposed to drop to about 1000 feet tonight, which is well above where we are, but pretty low for this area.


This is the guy who is building our house in Thailand. He is married to Malida's mom's sister, which I guess would make him her uncle, but I think he is younger than her, so she just calls him "the father of the girls". The girls being Nim and her sisters Nien and Nung. Everybody gets a nickname in Thailand. I don't know anybody's real name.

I took this when we were there last year, as we were planning the house. He will be starting on it in a few weeks.

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