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May 18--Return of the chair

I went to an art gallery exhibit last Saturday to see some stuff someone from work had done. She does these really small wood carvings that are pretty cool. I ended up buying one of her pieces, to put in my office.

By chance, one of the other exhibitors at the gallery was my former therapistShe is an extraordinary artist, who paints aerial landscapes. I was sent to see her after I got assaulted at work a number of years ago, as her focus was post traumatic stress. I didn't really have any post-traumatic stress, but it was fun talking to her about art and photography, so I kept going for a while.

She eventually had to stop for a while due to an illness. During our last session together, she encouraged me to think of a photography project, and that's where my chair project came from. she eventually got better, and gave up her practice to focus on her art.

It was great to see her, and we talked for a while. She asked about the chair, and I told her it was sitting in the garage, under a pile of boxes. She suggested I take it out and continue my project. So I did. The chair is all cleaned up, and back in the back of my car.

chair #16

Chair #16

I'll carry it around with me this summer and see what I come up with. I still have other ideas, though, so we shall see where it all leads.


Chair #15

The semester is almost over. I spent a good chunk of yesterday writing the final exam and getting it ready for Monday morning. After that it is final evaluations, then graduation on Tuesday. I have meetings all day on Wednesday, and in the morning on Thursday, and then that's pretty much it for the semester. I have other stuff to do throughout June, but most of the pressure is off.

I had a cardiac echo this week. It was pretty interesting to see the inside of my own heart, and watch the valves open and close rhythmically. I saw my doctor on Thursday and the results were normal. I still have to see a cardiologist, though. That's at the end of next week.

I guess that's it for now.
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