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June 2--Two-Door Station Wagon

The nursing alumni had our annual luncheon yesterday. We had a surprisingly good turnout, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. As the current president, I had to get up and talk a bit. After I was done, one of the old ladies from the class of 1959 told me I wasn't boring, so I guess that's a good thing.

We had six members of the class of 59 present. They've been nurses for 60 years! One of them is still working--she makes post-discharge calls to see how patients are doing.

I was the only member of my class--1989. I rarely see anyone I went to nursing school with. We kind of scattered with the wind the day we graduated.

I went into work a few days this past week, finishing stuff up from the last semester and working on stuff for my summer projects. There's hardly anyone around, so I was able to prop open the door and let some fresh air into our cubicle village, and turn up the music. I woke up in a panic the other night thinking about this class I have to teach in a couple of weeks. It involves high school students.

Next summer I'm not volunteering to work on anything.

double rainbow

A double rainbow over Tyler Island last week.

I bought a Thai phrasebook the other day and practiced a bit with Malida's mom over the phone. She was delighted, and though my pronunciation was good. I'll take it with me when we go to Thailand and see if I can start learning a few things beyond "hello". I think I need to know at least some of the language if I am wandering around on my own.

cactus flower
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