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June 16--Serving the greater Los Angeles basin since 1936!

When I last wrote, we were on our way down to Berkeley to see Jason Isbell. I don't think I had decided yet whether we were going to stay down there, but we did. We stayed at a place out on the Berkeley waterfront, and had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the bay. It was a lovely afternoon.

golden gate

We enjoyed the concert. It was outdoors at the Greek Theatre, and the weather was perfect. I sat next to a woman and her husband who both knew a lot about music, so we chatted quite a bit. During the set, Jason Isbell did a cover of an old Fleetwood Mac song, from the Peter Green days, and the woman's husband leaned over and asked if I knew who had done the original. I did, and he ended up buying me a beer.

The next morning we drove back up to the UC Berkeley campus and wandered around the botanical gardens that are up in the hills above the school. It's another one of the hidden gems of the Bay Area. I took lots of pictures.

fried egg flower

I know this flower has a proper name, and I used to know what it was, but I always think of it as the fried egg flower. I just looked it up again, and I love it's real name too--the Matilija poppy.


Some other kind of poppy. All the plants and flowers were identified, but I forgot to look to see what this was. It reminded both of us of the opium poppies we saw up in northern Thailand a few years ago.

the view

The view from the gardens.

The rest of the week was uneventful. It was hot--we had a couple of 100+ degree days. I got closer and closer to finishing up my summer work projects. My boss and I hosted a meeting with the head of the California Board of Nursing and a bunch of other schools to discuss our ideas for overhauling the curriculum, and got support for that. It's kind of interesting to be involved at that level.

I will teach my three-day simulation class this coming week. It is for high schoolers who are hoping for health professions careers. The idea of teaching high school students makes me kind of nervous.

Once the class is completed, I will have a few more things to finish up, then will be off for the rest of the summer. I can't wait. I'm ready for a long break.
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